Below you will find information regarding current requirements regarding labor clause, CSR and international sanctions, as described in the CSR section of DALO’s standard terms and conditions. 

If you have entered into an agreement with DALO, where the CSR section of the terms and conditions contains a link to a site with DALO's CSR requirements, then it is these requirements that you must comply with. As a supplier, please note that you are obliged to comply with the requirements set out in the version of the CSR annex/appendix that was in force at the time you entered into the contract with DALO. If you are in doubt about when you entered into an contract, you can find the date on the order confirmation. You are not required to comply with either newer or older versions of the terms and conditions.

You will find the current requirements regarding labor clause, CSR and international sanctions below, where you can also see the previous versions of the requirements.

Pay special attention to the fact that if there is a CSR annex/appendix in your contract with DALO, then it is the content of that annex/appendix that applies.



Annex/appendix from 1-5-2022  (Under development)

Last updated August 2, 2022 - 12:43